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NBI Finale

Back on the 1st of May, I saw a message scrolling through my twitter feed by one of the WoW Twitter folks about this interesting event they were participating in called the Newbie Blogger Initiative with a link to a forum set up for it. I had tried my hand at blogging awhile back (’09) but didn’t stick with it. I though this might be a good opportunity to start up once more but as a general gaming blog instead of just a World of Warcraft blog.

World’s End Tavern was reborn. I signed up on the forums and watched as the list of newbie bloggers was growing. The advice posts were starting to flow, not only from the Sponsors but from some of the Newbies as well., including myself. The forum threads of Sponsors and Newbies were pages long and still growing so I added a list to my site to make it easier to follow everyone. I found some interesting blogs and the amount of good I picked up was immense.

By mid month, I started running into the wall again and starting to lose interest but thought, what the heck and continued on. I set myself a schedule that I hope to continue. I kept starting to write posts and then leaving them as drafts. As a new idea would come up I would write it down. I started building up a backlog of ideas that will keep me going for awhile.

I got interested in site design and opted to move to a self-hosted site with a domain I had from back when I was origionally blogging (thanks to @vitaemachina at Safeshark Hosting). I went looking for a good design and started tweaking it. I may start learning to actually play around with the site coding itself later.

I want to thank all the people for participating in the NBI and especially @Sypster at Biobreak for setting it all up. I want to thank all the Sponsors for their excellent posts both on their blogs and in the forum in answer to questions. I want to thank all the newbie bloggers who participated, both those who continue to blog and those who dropped out after an initial spurt of interest. I have learned from everyone and hope to continue in the future.

In the future you can find me at World’s End Tavern


Newbie Blogger Initiative – General Tips

I have read few a few of the introductory and advice posts by some of the sponsor bloggers and a few things seems to come up repeatedly so I thought it might be a good idea to stick them all in one place.

1) Pick a subject that YOU want to read and write about, not what you think others want.

2) Images are always a good thing to have but in moderation.

3) Tags and categories should always be added.

4) Stick to some kind of schedule whether once a month, once week or 2-3 times a week. It is OK to write posts in advance or have several in the works so you can finish one up to be able to stick to your schedule. (I installed a desktop reminder program to pop up and remind me to post until I find myself sticking to a schedule).

5) If you think of a post subject, write it down, start a draft or even write the post but don’t throw it out until you play around with it a bit to see if will work as a post but don’t forget about it.