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Newbie Blogger Initiative – General Tips

I have read few a few of the introductory and advice posts by some of the sponsor bloggers and a few things seems to come up repeatedly so I thought it might be a good idea to stick them all in one place.

1) Pick a subject that YOU want to read and write about, not what you think others want.

2) Images are always a good thing to have but in moderation.

3) Tags and categories should always be added.

4) Stick to some kind of schedule whether once a month, once week or 2-3 times a week. It is OK to write posts in advance or have several in the works so you can finish one up to be able to stick to your schedule. (I installed a desktop reminder program to pop up and remind me to post until I find myself sticking to a schedule).

5) If you think of a post subject, write it down, start a draft or even write the post but don’t throw it out until you play around with it a bit to see if will work as a post but don’t forget about it.


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